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Balance your life!

Looking for a new hobby or just something to fix your wellbeing? Ashtanga yoga improves mobility and increases strength levels, which will give you more energy. One of the key elements in ashtanga yoga is combining breathing and movement and after a while this will become a very meditative exercise as well. Balance your life, it is easy - register and sign up!
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Basic Course

Cheerful Ashtanga yoga teacher Anu found her way to us to Väki, and she has been teaching several classes and few courses with us. With Anu´s guidance, you can start Ashtanga yoga from scratch and you don´t need to have any previous experience of it. Our basic course will include 8 hours of guided ashtanga, where you will learn little bit history, some yoga philosophy and of course needed asanas. Ashtanga yoga will teach you more about body awareness and respecting your boundaries. Course starts with intensive weekend, where you will get basics of ashtanga yoga, and this will be followed by 2 ashtanga yoga classes each 75 – 90 minutes to practice learned skills with Anu´s guidance.

Weekend´s schedule is roughly:

  • History & Philosophy
  • Ujjayibreathing technique
  • Bando´s
  • Sun salutation (when, why and who)
  • Asana series
  • Drishti – eye and mind focus in asana
  • Relax and ending mantra

Focus is to learn why we do certain techniques or details and how all these come together in Ashtanga yoga. In this basic course we learn 1. series (chikitsa), which will be memorized to ease the transition to Mysore classes.

Course 1 in English:

Saturday 15.1.2022 12:00 – 2:30 pm
Sunday 16.1.2022 12:00 – 2:30 pm
Tuesday 18.1.2022 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Friday 21.1.2022 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

If you cannot attend to Tuesday or Friday classes, these are replaceable in Mysore classes (further details from desk).

Price and sing up
8 hours long basic course is done in 4 different days. Price is 160€ (incl VAT) and for members / students 130€ (incl VAT). In addition, you get 3 x card to your account (value 45€) to use them for Mysore classes or Yin yoga to balance dynamic Ashtanga.

Course has spots available and these are filled in sign up order. Sign up requires registration and after that you can attend to basic course in our web site “varaa tunti” -tab. You can pay at the counter before the course. Sign up at least 24h before the course.

Course is cancelled if not enough attendees (minimum 4 person). You can cancel your reservation 2 days before the course without any fees. Late cancellation, we will charge 50% of the course. For no-show, we will charge full price.